USA, Washington D.C., The White House

Washington D.C., The White House

The White House has been the official residence of every President of the United States with the exception of George Washington. The White House is located on a site near the Mall chosen in 1790 by President George Washington and Pierre l'Enfant, the architect who created the master plan for the new capital. Construction started in 1792 and in 1800 by the Irish architect James Hoban (1758-1831), when the building was almost completed, president John Adams moved in.
Ever since, each President of the United States has lived in the White House. After the invasion of British troops in 1814 several buildings were destroyed also the White House. President Madison decides to re-construct the White House, of which only the outer walls were still standing. The building was originally named the 'President's Palace', but in 1901 president Theodore Roosevelt made ‘White House’ as the official name. Thomas Jefferson was the first president to allow public tours of the White House in 1805. Since September 11, 2001 they have been suspended but US residents can arrange group tours of 10 or more people through their member of Congress.


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