USA, Washington D.C., Capitol

Washington D.C., Capitol

The US Capitol houses the legislative branch of the American government. Construction of the Capitol started in 1793. The original design of the sandstone building was created by Dr. William Thornton (1759-1828), a Scottish physician and the construction was supervised by White House architect James Hoban (1758-1831). The building was finally completed in 1826 by Charles Bulfinch (1763-1844), a Boston architect known for his design of the Massachusetts State House. Because of the growing number of senators the Capitol was extended after a design by the Philadelphia architect Thomas U. Walter (1804-1887) in 1851.The bronze ‘statue of freedom’ was installed in 1863. The next major expansion of the building was the east front extension constructed between 1958 and 1962 under the supervision of architect J. George Stewart (1890-1970). During the second half of the 20th century several renovation projects were undertaken, the last one was completed in 1993. The capitol is built in Neo-classical styles and it is 229metres long and 107metres wide, it has got 540 rooms which spread out over five floors. Location: Block between Constitution Av. NE, Independence Av. SW, 1st St. NE, 3rd St. SW. 


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