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Chicago, James R. Thompsoncenter

The James R. Thompson Center was re-dedicates in 1993 to honour Governor James R. Thompson. The building is located at 100 W Randolph Street in the Loop, Chicago, Illinois and houses more offices of the State of Illinois than can be found in the state’s capital in Springfield. The JRTC(short name) is sometimes referred to as the State Building, opened in May 1985 as the State of Illinois Center.

The JRTC was designed by Murphy/Jahn, Inc. Achritects, Lester B. Knight Associates. The 17-story, all-glass exterior does not reflect the building's function, and instead conveys an image of pure postmodernism; the effect is striking, especially from the Daley Centre. Visitors to the JRTC's interior can see all seventeen floors layered partway around the building's immense sky lit atrium. The open-plan offices on each floor are supposed to carry the message of "an open government in action."

Originally, the design called for curved, insulated (double paned) glass panels, but these were found to be prohibitively expensive. Flat, insulated glass had been suggested, but was dismissed by Jahn. Single-paned (non-insulated), curved glass panels were eventually used and resulted in the need for a more expensive air conditioning system, which remains very costly to operate and is insufficient on hot days (internal temperatures have reached as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit). The marble floor of the atrium initially developed unsightly water stains, which have since resolved themselves.


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