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Chicago, Old Water Tower and John Hancock Center at Water Tower Place

John Hancock Center

is a 100-story, multi-use building, recognized around the world for its distinctive architecture, prestigious location and presence on Chicago's skyline. For these reasons, the building is sought after by both large and small office tenants. The floors 1-5 are commercial, 6-12 is for parking, the floors from 13-41 are offices, 44-92 are apartment and on the floors over 93 are television, observatory, restaurant, mechanical.

On top it offers services like its own post office and a refuse collection. The apartments are located at the top of the tower. Some of them are so high that the inhabitants sometimes have to call the doorkeeper to ask what the weather's like down on the ground, as the apartments are sometimes above the clouds.

The building is owned by W2007 Golub JHC Realty, LLC with on-site management by Golub Realty Services, LLC and the company's wholly-owned property services affiliate. Designed by renowned architects Skidmore, Owings, Merrill, John Hancock Center has won numerous awards for its innovative and iconic style, including the Distinguished Architects 25-Year Award from the American Institute of Architects. The building's distinctive exterior cross-bracing eliminates the need for support beams, greatly increasing the amount of usable floor space.

Old Water Tower

was constructed in 1869 with big limestone blocks. The Chicago Water Tower, with all its small towers in a 'gothic style', resembles more a tiny European 13th century castle than a water tower. It was designed by the Old Water Towerarchitect William W. Boyington and houses a 40 meter standpipe. The total height of the tower is 154 ft or 47 m.

Since its survival of the Great Fire, the Chicago Water Tower became one of Chicago's main symbols. The tower became functionally obsolete many years ago, although the pumping station still pumps water for the city.
In May of 1969, during the year of its centennial anniversary, the Chicago Water Tower was selected by the American Water Works Association to be the first American Water Landmark. It now houses a visitor information center and has become one of the major tourist attractions in Chicago.

The Water Tower Place

is Chicago's premier shopping destination. Its stunning eight-level atrium features more than 100 of your favourite stores and restaurants plus a mix of distinctive specialty shops and boutiques. It offers a unique, high-energy urban shopping experience you simply won't find anywhere else in the city. In short, Water Tower Place is the place to shop.

Water Tower Place
835 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago
Illinois 60611-2218 (312) 440-3166

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