United Kingdom, London, Tower Bridge

London, Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames and it is a combined bascule and suspension bridge. The Bridge was designed by Wolfe Barry (1836-1919) and Horace Jones (1819–1887) in Victorian Style. Construction started in 1886 till 1894 with five major contractors – Sir John Jackson (foundations), Baron Armstrong (hydraulics), William Webster, Sir H.H. Bartlett, and Sir William Arrol & Co. The middle of the bridge can be raised to permit large vessels to pass the Tower Bridge. It used to be raised about 50 times a day, but nowadays it is only raised 4 to 5 times a week. The bridge is 244 metres long and its towers rise to a height of 43 metres. The Bridge carries motor Vehicles (A100 Tower Bridge Road) and pedestrians.


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