United Kingdom, London, Millenium Dome

London, Millenium Dome, or O2

The Millennium Dome (now O2) is an exhibition hall built to celebrate the start of the new Millennium. The Millennium Experience opened to the public on January 1, 2000 and ran until December 31, 2000, with several exhibitions about the humans and the future. I n 2005 the millennium dome was renamed O2, after the mobile phone company. At the same time it was converted into a multifunctional sports and entertainment complex. The complex now houses a number of buildings and is used for many different events, including concerts. The structure, designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership is 320metres in diameter and 50 meters high at its centre. The cover of the Dome is made of PTFE-coated glass fiber. The structure is expected to last until 2018. After that year, developers are allowed to demolish the dome and redevelop the site.

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