Japan, Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

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Prof. Dr. Marianna Machilowska in: Thomas Kellner, Kontakt, 2014

"It is interesting to look at his photos, because we have to look carefully at each of the fragments. To reconstruct them we have to recreate the architecture of the space. Therefore, we could say that seeing is not a moment, when the image reveals itself to us, but a process, where the subsequent fragments of the space are matched together. This will prove important later, when we will ask a question about Kellner's method. Let us have a look at an example of a photograph depicting Tokyo Tower. It looks like a shiny puzzle of lines and colours. Our eyes glide over the contact sheet from one “frame” to another, to eventually obtain an image of the whole as the cumulative effect of all the single glances. The whole is not created in our eye but in our mind, when we eventually understand, what the particular images mean. Therefore, undoubtedly, the work of a photographer uses the topographical perception of the world, adding another dimension to it – the movement of memory."

The Tokyo Tower is the second tallest artificial structure in Japan. It is a 332.5 metres (1,091 ft) high communications and observation tower located in Shiba Park, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Architect Tachu Naito based his lattice structured design on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.