Italy, Genoa, Via Garibaldi

Genoa, Via Garibaldi

The Via Garibaldi was formerly known as the Strada Nuova and was built for aristocratic families and erected between the mid 16th Century and the first 20 years of the 18th Century. The street was designed by Italian architect Galeazzo Alessi. More than 13 old buildings are fronting the street. Just a few of the buildings remain as homes and as banking headquarters. 

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Genoa, Via Garibaldi a different view

On the right (No. 9) is the former Palazzo Doria Tursi, now the Palazzo Municipale (Town Hall), begun in 1564. On the left (No. 18) is the Palazzo Rosso, a splendid 17th century mansion which belonged to the Brignole-Sale family (17th century), almost opposite (No. 11) is the Palazzo Bianco, a Brignole palace (originally 1548, altered after 1712).

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