Germany, Siegen, The Siemag hoist frame

The Siemag Tecberg hoist frame (Förderturm)

The Siemag Tecberg hoist frame stems from an inoperative shaft in the Polsum Mine in the Ruhr District and today is located on the site of a large metal producer in Haiger. The 35-meter high steel construction was moved there to seve as a symbol of iron-ore mining and the conveyor cage technology in the Siegerland. Mining for iron ore and its processing has a long tradition in this part of the country and covers approx. 2,500 years of mining history. Even though active mining came to an end over 40 years ago, the metal processing industry in Siegen and its surrounding still remains one of the strongest today. The Siemag Tecberg hoist frame therefore is not only a reference to thousands of years of mining experience in the Siegerland, but also contains a training center underneath. It includes an installed model system where every kind of modern mining shaft and handling operation can be tested realistically and simulated.

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