Germany, Siegen, St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas' Church (Nikolaikirche)

St. Nicholas' Church was built in the 13th Century is an urban market square church of the Medieval period next to the town hall (Rathaus) in the historical city center of Siegen. The golden coronet on the church tower, a present from John Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen in the 17th Century, ranks as an eye-catcher and the emblem for the building and the City of Siegen, also known as the "City of the Coronet" (Krönchenstadt). The crown, made of gilded wrought iron, was originally made by three smiths in Siegen. The name of the church is related to its paron saint, St. Nicholas. Since he was honored by both merchants and traders. St. Nicholas was selected as the patron saint, And the church's location next to the market square and the town market hall fit well. What makes the architecture of St. Nicholas' unique in Germany in the hexagonal layout of the main building.

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