Germany, Munich, Theatine Church

Munich, Theatinerkirche

The Catholic Theatine Church St. Cajetan in Munich was built from 1663 to 1690 in high-baroque style designed by the Italian architect Agostino Barelli. It was founded by Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, as a gesture of thanks for the birth of Prince Max Emanuel, in 1662. Enrico Zuccalli, added two towers, and then finished the 71 metres high dome in 1690. The facade in rococo style was finished only in 1768 by François de Cuvilles. The stucco decorations in the inside of the church were done by Nicolo Petri (1685 - 1688) while Wolfgang Leutner was responsible for the stucco figures. A small chapel contains the tombs of King Max II and his wife and other members of the royal family.  

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