Germany, Freudenberg, Alter Flecken

Alter Flecken Freudenberg

Freudenberg is a small town in the Siegerland. Its historical old town center is called "Alter Flecken". In fact, the Freudenberg town center is recognized as one of the most significant in all of Westphalia and is considered internationally a "building monument of importance". Freudenberg distinguishes itself as a unique ensemble of black and white timber-frame houses, which rank as a landmark in the region and are well known beyond the borders of Germany. There is no comparable timber-frame town center of the period in existence. The center impresses with its winding pleasant narrow cobblestoned streets and its medieval timer-frame houses. A total of 86 buildings and building halves make it easy to imagine how it must have looked during the Middle Ages. The "wild man", one the carpentry techniques used in the halt-timbered houses, is present everywhere in the center of town.

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