France, Avignon, Palace of the Popes (Palais des Papes)

Palace of the Popes (Palais des Papes) in Avignon

The Palais des Papes in Avignon, France is a medieval Gothic building and was home of six popes during the time of 1334 till 1430. The Palais was built in two principal phases with two distinct segments, known as the Palais Vieux (Old Palace) and Palais Neuf (New Palace). The Palais Vieux was constructed by the architect Pierre Poisson of Mirepoix at the instruction of Pope Benedict XII. He destroyed the old building and built a much larger cloister with four wings and high towers. Jean de Louvres was commissioned by Clement VI to build a new tower and adjoining buildings, including a 52 m long Grand Chapel to serve as the location for papal acts of worship. Two more towers were built under Innocent VI. Urban V completed the main courtyard (known as the Court d'Honneur) with further buildings enclosing it. The interior of the building was sumptuously decorated with frescos, tapestries, paintings, sculptures and wooden ceilings. T he majority of the Palais is now open to the public; it also houses a large convention centre and the archives of the département of Vaucluse.

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