Zeevaert Wiechers, Leonardo

Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers

Dr. Zeevaert Wiechers was educated in Mexico in Civil Engineering, 1939, at UNAM, Universidad Autónoma de Mexico and the USA, MSc, MIT, 1940 and PhD at the  University of Illinois, 1949. He is Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM and a Consultant Engineer. As a Consultant Engineer, he has carried out soil mechanics and foundation studies for more than 600 projects as well as many others in Civil Engineering. His awards include: Allied Professions Medal, American Institute of Architects, 1965; Prize of the International Iron and Steel Institute, Mexico, 1986; and National University Prize for Technological Innovation, 1989. He is Member of the Belgium Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences and Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering, USA. One of his most well known buildings, surviving the famous Mexico earthquake is  the Torre Latina in  Mexico City.