Smith, Arnold Dunbar

Arnold Dunbar Smith (1866-1933)

Arnold Dunbar Smith was born in Islington in 1866. He apprenticed with J.G. Gibbons of Brighton in 1883 and studied at the Brighton School of Art and at the Architectural Association in London. Later he entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1890. Between 1884 and 1895 he worked for Millard & Baggallay, while he continued his studies. During this period, he also traveled in France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and formed later a partnership with Cecil Brewer in 1895. After Brewer's death in 1918, Smith continued the work of the firm and designed many houses as well as additions to the Fitzwilliam Museum. After Smith's death in 1933, Meikle, Harris and Sidney Clark continued the practice under the original firm name of Smith and Brewer.


Competition for the Passmore Edwards Settlement, London
Competition for the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff


Important works

Heal's Furniture Store
Cathays Park, Cardiff
National Museum of Wales, Cardiff