Sert, Josep Lluís

Josep Lluís Sert i López (1902—1983)

Josep Lluís Sert was born 1902 in Barcelone. He studied architecture at the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelone and set up his own studio in 1929. In same year he was invited by Le Corbusier to work for him. In 1930 he returned to Barcelone and continued his practice until 1937.
In 1939 Sert went into exile to New York City where he worked with the Town Planning Associates. In 1952, Sert held a one-year Visiting Professorship at Yale University. The following year he became Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design (1953-1969). In 1955 Sert founded a studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Iin 1958 it became a partnership with Huson Jackson and Ronald Gourley. Joseph Zalewski was the Associate and continued to be in the firm Sert, Jackson and Associate founded in 1963.

Important Buildings:

Maeght Foundation in Southern France
Miro Studio
Holyoke Centre in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard Science Center
Peabody Terrace Apartments
Eastwood and Westview apartments on Roosevelt Island
Boston University: law school, student union, and main library
week-end house at Garraf, Spain
Central Dispensary Barcelona
Master Plan for the City of Barcelona
Spanish Republic's pavilion at the World's Fair
Fundació Joan Miró