Scharoun, Hans

Hans Scharoun (1893 – 1972)

Bernhard Hans Henry Scharoun was born in 1893 in Bremen. He was a German architect and an important exponent of Organic architecture.
Scharoun studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin, without taking the exam. In 1919 Scharoun freelanced as an architect in Wroclaw. There he received an professorship at the Academy of Art in Wroclaw.The organisation of social living space played a central role in his career. During the NS- time he built a few family house and collected his ideas of functional design for after war time. In 1946 Scharoun became a professor at the faculty for architecture at the Technical University of Berlin. After the war he was able to realise his architectural projects. He died in 1972.

Important works 

A house called “Die Wohnung”, Stuttgart, Germany
Apartments at Kaiserdamm, Berlin,Germany
Apartments at Hohenzollerndamm, Berlin, Germany
Town planning and housing design at Berlin, Germany
The Schminke house, Löbau, Germany
The Baensch house, Berlin, Germany
The Hoffmeyer house, Bremerhaven, Germany
The Moll house, Berlin, Germnay
The Mohrmann house, Berlin, Germany
Romeo & Julia, high rise apartments, Stuttgart, Germany
Charlottenburg-North, housing development, Berlin, Germany
Berlin Philharmonic, Berlin, Germany
Main and primary school, Marl, Germany
Faculty for architecture of the Technical University, Berlin, Germany
Embassy building of Germany, Brasília
City Theatre, Wolfsburg, Germany
State library, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Berlin, Germany