Rudnev, Lev

Lev Vladimirovich Rudnev (1885 - 1956)

Lev Vladimirovich Rudnev born 1885 in Opochka or  Novgorod was a Russian architect, and a leading practitioner of Stalinist architecture. He graduated from the Riga Realschule and entered the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg in 1906. At the Academy he studied painting under Leon Benois and architecture under Ivan Fomin. From 1911 Rudnev was a success in various architectural competitions, and in 1915 he became a certified specialist in the art of architecture. After the end of the War Lev Rudnev participated reconstructing the ruined cities of Voronezh, Stalingrad, Riga and Moscow. In 1922-1948 Rudnev was a Professor of the Academy of Arts in Leningrad and in 1948-1952 he was a Professor at the Moscow Institute for Architecture. Rudnev was also a member of Soviet Academy of Architecture.

Important Buildings:

Frunze Military Academy in Moscow
Administrative building on Shaposhnikov street
Administrative building on Frunze embankment
Buildings of Latvian Academy of Sciences in Riga
The main building of Moscow State University
House of the Government of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in Baku
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw in Poland