Roebling, John Augustus

John Augustus Roebling (1806 - 1869)

Roebling was born in 1806 in Mühlhausen. He was a German-born civil engineer famous for his bridge designs. He studied architecture and engeneering at the Royal Polytechnic Institute in Berlin. He also graduated in philosophy und the famous German philosopher Georg Hegel. Roebling completed a 2000 page treatise on his concept of the universe. In 1931 he left Germany and went to USA to built huge bridges. Roebling's first engineering work in America was devoted to improving river navigation and canal building. In 1844, Roebling replaced the wooden canal aqueduct across the Allegheny River and in 1951 a next project was a railroad bridge connecting the New York Central and Great Western Railway of Canada over the Niagara River. In 1867 Roebling started design on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. He died in 1869.

Important works

Allegheny Aqueduct Bridge Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Brooklyn Bridge NYC-Brooklyn, N.Y., USA
Neversink Aqueduct, USA
High Falls Aqueduct , USA
Smithfield Street Bridge Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Lackawaxen Aqueduct, USA
Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct, USA
Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge New York-Canada
Allegheny Bridge Pittsburgh, PA, USA
John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge - spanning the Ohio River, USA
Waco Suspension Bridge, Waco, Texas, USA