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Pecanha, Honorio

Honório Peçanha (1907-1992)

Honório Peçanha, born 1907 in Macuco, State of Rio de Janeiro is a Brasilian sculptor, who built  the Memorial JK together  with Oscar  Niemeyer.
He studied sculpture at the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios under the guidance of Modestino Kanto, at Escola Nacional de Belas Artes under Jose Lima and Rodolfo Correa Chambelland, and also at Académie de La Grande Chaumiére under Charles Despiau and Roberto Wlerick.

His art, always linked to the militant communism, which led him to participate as a member of the World Council of the UN peace conference in Stockholm and the Fourth Conference on Disarmament in Tokyo in the year 1958.
In 1985 executed the statue of President Juscelino Kubisheck, part of the JK Memorial, in Brasilia. He died 1992 in Niteroi.


Important  Works:

Statue Tribute to Admiral Ary Parreiras
Statue of President Juscelino Kubishek, part of the JK Memorial
Statue of Rui Barbosa
Statue of Bishop José Pereira Alves
Bust of President Nilo Peçanha
Bust of Euclides da Cunha