Parler, Peter

Peter Parler (1330? – 1399)

Peter Parler (or Peter von Gemünd, Parlerius, Parlerz, Latin: Petrus de Gemunden in Suevia, Czech: Petr Parlér, born ca, 1330 in Schwaebisch Gemuend, was a German architect, best-known for building Saint Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge in Prague, where he lived from about 1356.

His father, master builder Heinrich Parler had moved from Cologne to Schwäbisch Gmünd to direct the reconstruction works of the Holy Cross parish church. Members of the large Parler family worked in construction works around all of Europe.

Peter Parler became the master mason of Saint Vitus Cathedral in 1352, after the death of its original architect, Matthias of Arras. Apart from the cathedral, he was the main designer of the New Town of Prague and built Charles Bridge and its towers. He died in Prague in 1399.

Important Buildings:

St. Barbara Cathedral, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic
Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie a Karla Velikého, Prague, Czech Republic
Kaple Všech svatých, Prague, Czech Republic
Altstaedter Brueckenturm, Prague, Czech Republic
Bartholomaeus Church, Kolin, Czech Republic
Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic