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Mott, Hay and Anderson

Mott, Hay and Anderson

Basil Mott and David Hay built their company on 30 July 1902. Both were building London tube railways. They focussed their work on heavy civil engineering projects such as bridges, tunnels, railways and docks. For example projects as the City & South London Railway, the building and extension of the Central London Railway, construction of the lifts at St Mary Woolnoth church at Bank tube station, the underpinning of Clifford's Tower, works on Southwark Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. 19 years later David Anderson joined their business. The firm was thereafter called Mott, Hay and Anderson. G L Groves joined the company in 1933. The name stayed the same. Mott and Hay died in 1938. In 1989 the company stopped trading as Motts, Hay and Anderson. Today its called Mott McDonald.


Important Buildings

The rolling bridge over the river Dee, Queensferry

The Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

Trent Bridge, Nottingham

City & South London Railway tunnels

Extension past Camden Town and Clapham South to form the Northern Line

of London Underground

Queensway, Liverpool

Road tunnel at Dartford

Lots Road power station

Construction of escalator tunnels for the London Underground stations

Designed road, pedestrian and cycle tunnels under the river Tyne (Tyne Tunnel)

Dartford tunnel

Mersey Kingsway tunnel

Blackwall southbound tunnel

second Dartford tunnel

The Hatfield, Bell Common, Holmesdale and Penmaenbach tunnels

MHA were involved in five of the UK's longest road tunnels, the Heathrow Cargo Tunnel, Heathrow Main Tunnel, Clyde tunnel, Limehouse Link tunnel and Rotherhithe tunnel

The Forth Bridge

Severn Bridge

Tamar Bridge

The Kuala Lepar bridge across the Pahang River in Malaysia

The new London Bridge

The Channel Tunnel between Great Britain and France