Architect Georg Moller

Georg Moller (1784-1852)

Georg Moller was born 21.January 1784 in Diepholz and he died 13.March 1852 in Darmstadt. He was a German architect. From 1807 till 1809 he studied on german artists´ colony in rome. After finishing his trip he got the Hofbaudirektor and Oberbaurat of the grand duchy Hessen-Darmstadt in 1810. His main works are the St. Louis Church, the first Catholic Church of Darmstadt, the former State Theater, Louis Monument in Darmstadt and the Freemasons which is today called the “Moller-House”. He built the State Theater of Mainz and also the city of Wiesbaden Castle (today there is the headquarter of the Hessian Parliament). From 1843 till 1847 he repaired the Castle Biedenkopf.
Moller played an important role in the completion of the Cologne Cathedral. In 1814 he found one half of the revised facadeplan of Master Arnold. The other half was discovered by Sulpiz Boiserée in Paris in 1816.