Maderno, Carlo

Carlo Maderno (1556 - 1629)

Maderno was born in Capolago on Lake Lugano in 1556. He died in Rome in 1629. He was a Swiss architect of the early Baroque Rome.
Maderno was a son of a Swiss family of stonecutters and builders.
In 1588 he received the Roman citizenship. 1603, after the death of Giacomo della Portas, he became the senior architect at St. Peter. Among his duties as a papal architect included hydraulic engineering measures, such as the construction in the regulation of the Tiber river, fountains buildings in Rome and the construction of aqueducts. Since his appointment as architect of St. Peter Maderno was mainly the work on St. Peter's. In his last years he designed the plans for the Palazzo Barberini, which he could not experienced finished. Maderno died in 1629 and is buried in thechurch of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini.

Important works

  • Facade of Santa Susanna, Rome,
  • Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, Rome,
  • Papal palace in Castel Gandolfo, Rome,
  • Palazzo Barberini, Rome,
  • Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome,
  • Quirinal Palace, Rome 
  • St. Peter, Rome, Vatican