Lossow, William

William Lossow (1852 - 1914)

Lossow was born in Glauchau in 1852. He was a German architect.
The most of his works are stylistically Historicism, but with influences of contemporary architecture. He studied until 1878 at the Higher Vocational School in Chemnitz and at the Polytechnic in Dresden. In 1880 he opened a architecture office in Dresden with the Hermann Weger, which existed until 1906. Untill his death in 1914, Lossow worked with his son Hans Max Kuehne. Among the best-known works of the offices Lossow and Kuehne is one of the Central station in Leipzig. He died in Heidelberg in 1914.


Important works

Central Station Leipzig, Germany
Town hall, Dresden-Plauen, Germany
Garnisonkirche St. Martin, Dresden, Germany
Protestant Auferstehungskirche,  Dresden-Plauen, Germany
Müllerbrunnen, Dresden-Plauen, Germany
Kunstgewerbeschule with Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden, Germany
„Preußenhaus“ , Tübingen, Germany
Protestant church, Zinnwald, Germany
Synagogue, Görlitz, Germany
Schauspielhaus, Dresden, Germany
Bienert'sche Hafenmühle, Dresden, Germany
Hotel „Astoria“, Leipzig, Germany