Licht, Prof. Dr. E.h. Hugo

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Huge Licht

Licht was born in Fraustadt in 1841.He was a German architect. From 1862 to 1863 he was educated by the Berlin architects Hermann Wilhelm and Böckmann. In 1864 Licht became a student of Friedrich Adler. He moved from Berlin later to Vienna and worked there at the architect- office of Heinrich von Ferstel. From 1869 until the end of 1870 he travelled through Italy. After he returned to Germany, he settled as a freelance architect in Berlin and worked as such until 1879. In 1905 honourably doctorated by the Technical University of Dresden. At the age of nearly 82 years died Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hugo light in Leipzig in 1923.

Important works

New City Hall, Leipzig
8th District school, Leipzig
Renovation and expansion of the municipal museum, Leipzig,
Saxon Royal Conservatory of Music, Leipzig
Municipal slaughterhouse, Leipzig
Municipal department store, Leipzig,
Construction of the St. John's Church, Leipzig
Barracks plant, Leipzig
Old Grassi Museum (today's Leipzig City Library), Leipzig
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial, Wroclaw
New Town Hall, Leipzig
City Hall of Döbeln
Administration Building of the Leipzig-AG, Leipzig