Licht, Prof. Dr. E.h. Hugo

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Huge Licht

Licht was born in Fraustadt in 1841.He was a German architect. From 1862 to 1863 he was educated by the Berlin architects Hermann Wilhelm and Böckmann. In 1864 Licht became a student of Friedrich Adler. He moved from Berlin later to Vienna and worked there at the architect- office of Heinrich von Ferstel. From 1869 until the end of 1870 he travelled through Italy. After he returned to Germany, he settled as a freelance architect in Berlin and worked as such until 1879. In 1905 honourably doctorated by the Technical University of Dresden. At the age of nearly 82 years died Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hugo light in Leipzig in 1923.

Important works

  • New City Hall, Leipzig
  • 8th District school, Leipzig
  • Renovation and expansion of the municipal museum, Leipzig,
  • Saxon Royal Conservatory of Music, Leipzig
  • Municipal slaughterhouse, Leipzig
  • Municipal department store, Leipzig,
  • Construction of the St. John's Church, Leipzig
  • Barracks plant, Leipzig
  • Old Grassi Museum (today's Leipzig City Library), Leipzig
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial, Wroclaw
  • New Town Hall, Leipzig
  • City Hall of Döbeln
  • Administration Building of the Leipzig-AG, Leipzig