Langhans, Carl Gotthard

Carl Gotthard Langhans (1732 - 1808)

Langhans was born in Landeshut in 1732. He died in1808. He was a German builder and architect of the classicism movement. Langhans studied law in Halle, and also mathematics and languages. His architectural skills, he engaged auto- didactically.
His first recognition as an architect was the draft of "zum Schifflein Christi" for the Protestant Church in 1764 in Groß-Glogau. He became known in the royal court in Berlin.
In 1788, he moved to Berlin. He died in1808.

Important works

Hallway and Muschelsaal in Schloss Rheinsberg
Schauspielhaus, Breslau
Protestant Kirche, Waldenburg
Protestant Kirche, Groß Wartenberg
Protestant  Kirche, Reichenbach
Dancinghall in the Schloss Bellevue, Berlin
Belvedere in the Schlosspark Charlottenburg, Berlin
Interior Marmorpalais, Potsdam.
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
Castle- Theater Charlottenburg, Berlin
German National Theatre, Berlin
Observatory, Halle