Lacko, Jozef

Jozef Lacko (1917 - 1978)

Jozef Lacko was born 19. January 1917 in Zvolen, Slovakia, died 09. September 1978 in Bratislava.
Studies: 1936 – 1938 – Czech Technical University  (VUT) in Prague, Departement of Architecture and Structural Engineering. Cause of closing Czech University he continued his study at German Technical University (HT) in Prague, graduated in 1941.
1941 – 1948 he worked as the assistant at Institute of Structural Engineering at Slovak University of Technology, in 1953 – 1962 as Assoc. Professor, and 1962 as a Professor at Faculty of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. He devoted to the typologie of residential and educational buildings. The outstanding feature of his works is disposal clarity and rational moderation. Even though many of them he created in the periode of socialist realism, they are inspired in sources of the european modernism.

Main selected works:

Kusý, M.: Architektúra na Slovensku 1945-1975 / Architecture in Slovakia. Tatran, Bratislava 1976
Dulla, M. – Moravcíková, H.: Architektúra Slovenska v 20. storocí./ Slovak Architecture in 20th Century. Slovart, Bratislava 2002.

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