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Kušnír, Ladislav

Ladislav Kušnír (born 1929)

Ladislav Kušnír was born 1929 in Blažice, Slovakia.
He graduated at the Department of Architecture and Structural Engineering of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in 1958, where he worked as a teacher until 1973. Then he worked as an architect at the State Technical Project Institute in Bratislava. Since 1990 he again has been a teacher at the Faculty of Architecture of Slovak University of technology in Bratislava.


Main selected works:

1968 – 1973 - Bridge of Slovak National Uprising / Most SNP (with J. Lacko, I. Slamen, A. Tesár) Bratislava    
1974 – 1979 - Seat of the Slovak Government, Bratislava, Freedom Square / Nám. Slobody 

Kusý, M.: Architektúra na Slovensku 1945-1975 / Architecture in Slovakia. Tatran, Bratislava 1976
Dulla, M. – Moravcíková, H.: Architektúra Slovenska v 20. storocí./ Slovak Architecture in 20th Century. Slovart, Bratislava 2002.

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