Kulka, Peter

Peter Kulka (born 1937)

Peter Kulka was born in 1937 in Dresden. He is German contemporary architect. He is a graduated bricklayer and studied engineering in Gotha and Gorlitz. Later Kulka studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and left the German Democratic Republic in 1969. He freelanced in the same year. In 1979 Kulka opend his Office in Cologne. From 1986 to 1992 he was professor for constructive designing in Aachen. After the German reunion, Kulka returned to Dresden and opend another office.

Important works

University, Bielefeld
German Horticulture- Museum, Erfurt 
Abbey, Königsmünster
TÜV- Academy Rheinland,  Köln
Saxony provincial parliament, Dresden
EL-DE-Haus, Köln
Gallery of Contemporary Art in Leipzig
German Hygiene- Museum, Dresden
City- high- rise building Leipzig
Fire department, Heidelberg
MDR, Leipzig


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