Hofmann, Julius

Julius Hofmann

Julius Hofmann (1840 - 1896) was an austrian historicist architect. He was born on 20 december 1840 in Triest.
Together with other European and Mexican architects, among them Carl Gangolf Kayser, Carlos Schaffer, Eleuterio Méndez and Ramón Rodríguez Arangoity he received the assignment to design the rooms of Chapultepec Castle.
King Louis II of Bavaria comissioned Hofmann with the interior design of Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee. Since 1884, Hofmann was in charge of all of Louis' II construction projects.
After Louis' death, prince regent Luitpold of Bavaria made him construction supervisor.
 Hofmann died in Munich on 5th of august in 1896.

Important works