Hoffmann, Ludwig, architect

Ludwig Hoffmann (1852-1932)

Hoffmann was born in 1852 in Darmstadt. He was a German architect nd head of the municipal planning and building control office in Berlin.
He was educated at the Academy of Arts of Kassel and at the Architectural Academy of Berlin. His career started by winning the competition for the Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig in the 1880s. In 1896 he became the municipal planner and building controller of Berlin and had effects on the architecture of the capital. Later he gave direction to the entire German architecture of this time.
In 1906 he was honorary doctorated by the technical University of Darmstadt and the Technical University of Vienna in 1917. Following Buildings are named after Hoffman: Ludwig-Hoffmann- elementary school, Ludwig-Hoffmann-Hospital, Ludwig-Hoffmann- Bridge. He died in 1932 in Berlin.

Important buildings

Federal Administrative Court, Leipzig
Public baths Baerwaldstraße, Berlin
Public baths Oderbergerstraße, Berlin
Rudolf-Virchow-Hospital, Berlin
Old City house, Berlin
Märkisches Museum, Berlin
Fire brigade Fountain on the Mariannenplatz, Berlin
Hercules Fountain on the Lützowplatz, Berlin
Island- Bridge, Berlin
Sanatoriums, Berlin
Möckernbrücke, Berlin