Hocheder, Carl

Carl Hocheder (1854 – 1917)

Carl Hocheder, born  1854 in Weiherhammer was a German architect. He studied architecture 1874 to 1878 at the Technical University of Munich. After working in for the city of Amberg in, he worked 1886 to 1889 as Bauamtmann on Stadtbauamt Munich.
In 1898 Carl Hocheder became professor at the Technical University of Munich. Besides Theodor Fischer and Hans Grässel he is one of the architects who shaped the cities face in that century with buildings in his preferred style of Baroque.

Important Buildings

St. James Major, Mitterteich
Rot-Kreuz-Spital Nymphenburgerstrasse, Munich
Parsonage Giesingerstrasse, Munich
School, Columbusstrasse Munich
Turbine building at Maximilian Bridge
School at the Stielerstrasse,  Munich
Karl Muellersches Volksbad, Munich
Main fire stationBlumenstrasse, Munich
Ascension Protestant church in Pasing
bathhouse in Sibiu in Transylvania
Ministry of Transport in Munich
City Hall in Bolzano