Goldberg, Bertrand

Bertrand Goldberg (1913 - 1997)

Bertrand Goldberg born 1913 in Chicago, Illinois, was an American architect that receuived worldwide recognition through his design of the Marina City in Chicago.
He studied architecture from 1930 till 1936 at several institutions, including the Cambridge School of Landscape Architecture, the Bauhaus in Berlin, Germany, Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago. He worked in the offices of George Fred Keck and Paul Schweiker before starting his own office in 1937.
He received numerous awards and his work was the subject of many exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Goldberg died in Chicago in 1997.


Important Buildings by Bertrand Goldberg:

Abrams House, Glencoe, Illinois
Affiliated Hospitals, Boston
Astor Tower, Chicago
Brenneman School, Chicago
Clark-Maple Gas Station, Chicago
Drexel Home and Gardens, Chicago
Elgin State Hospital, Elgin, Illinois
Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona
Health Science Center, Stony Brook, New York
Heimbach House, Blue Island, Illinois
Helstein House, Chicago
Higginson House, Chicago
Jacobs House, Glencoe, Illinois
Marina City, Chicago
Maxim's in the Astor Tower, Chicago
Mullin's House, Evanston, Illinois
North Pole Ice Cream, Chicago
Orangerie, Grayslake, Illinois
Pineda Island, Mobile, Alabama
Prentice Women's Hospital, Chicago
Providence Hospital, Mobile, Alabama
Raymond Hillard Homes, Chicago
River City, Chicago
San Diego Theater
Snyder House, Shelter Island, New York
St. Joseph's Hospital, Tacoma, Washington
West Palm Beach Auditorium, Plam Beach, Florida