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Font, August

August Font i Carreras (1846 -1924)

August Font i Carreras, born 1846 in Barcelona, was a Catalan architect and teacher. He died in 1924 in Barcelona.

He was a student of Elies Rogent and graduated in 1869. He began his career more remarkable in El Pilar de Zaragoza, where he directed the restoration and strengthening of the central dome.
From all his work, especially the completion of the facade of the Gothic cathedral of Santa Eulalia in Barcelona, is remarkable because of its Neo-Gothic architecture.


Important  Buildings:

Casa de la Caritat, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Plaça de les Arenes, Barcelona
Cathedral of Barcelona, Santa Eulalia or La Seu
Banys Orientals de Barcelona, Barcelona
Palacio de Bellas Artes, Barcelona,
Iglesia de la Caridad, Barcelona
Basílica de Santa María, Vilafranca
Casa Vía Raventós, Cal Figarot