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Farrell, Terry

Terry Farrell (born 1939)

Farrell was born in 1939 in Sale, Cheshire. He is an English architect and is known for his combination of high tech and post-modernism. His buildings frequently include humour, a hallmark of post-modernism. He graduated from University of Newcastle School of Architecture. In 1965 he founded his first practice. Now Farrells, has projects all over the world.



AIA Award for Urban Design, 1994
Ambrose Congreve Award, 1984
Architectural Design Project Awards, 1982, 1982, 1983
Architectural Ironmonger Specification Competition, 1996, 1997
British Construction Industry Awards, 2004, 2005
British Council for Offices Award, 1994
BURA Best Practice Award, 1999
Business and Industry Awards, 1977, 1981


Important works

Blackwall Tunnel Ventilation Towers, London
Clifton Nurseries, Covent Garden, London
TV-am building, Camden Town, London
MI6 building, London
Embankment Place at Charing Cross Station in London
Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Scotland
The Peak Tower, Hong Kong
British Consulate & British Council building, Hong Kong
International Centre for Life, Newcastle
The Deep aquarium or 'Submarium', Hullincheon
International Airport, Seoul
Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing
Modernisation of New Delhi Railway Station