de Siloé, Diego

Diego de Siloé (1495 – 1563)

Diego de Siloé  was born 1495 in Burgos, Spain and died 1563 in Granada

Diego de Siloé was the son of a French sculptor Gil de Siloé. Diego acquired his primary knowledge of art in Burgos and while still a young man, he went to Italy (c.1517), where he probably studied sculpture in Florence. After returning to Burgos his style, although inspired by Italian art, became typically Spanish. 1523 he completed the "Escalera Dorada" (the gilded staircase) in the cathedral of Burgos.

Saint Gabriel Church Loja, Spain
Cathedral of Guadix, Spain
El Salvador Church Úbeda, Spain
Granada Cathedral San Jeronimo, Spain
Golden Staircase in the cathedral of Burgos, Spain
Caraccioli Altarpiece, San Giovanni a Carbonara, Naples with Bartolomé Ordóñez
Towers of Santa Maria del Campo, Burgos, Spain