Architect Possidónio da Silva

Possidónio da Silva (1806–1896)

Joaquim Possidónio Narciso da Silva, born 1806 was an architect, photographer and archaeologist. In the year after his birth, his family had to flew to Brazil, because of French occupation in Portugal. He was 21 years old, when he returned to Portugal.

In 1824 he went to Paris to attend the course of Architecture at the Ecole de Beaux Arts which he finished after 4 years. Between 1829 and 1830 he went to Rome and returned to Paris to collaborate in the works of the Palais Royal and Tulheries. At the end of 1833 he returned to Portugal becoming the architect of the Royal House. He participated in the works of the Palácio da Pena, São Bento, Necessidades, and also at Palácio do Alfeite.
He was one of the first to use photography to record the image of national monuments.

In 1863 was one of seven founders of the Royal Association of Civil Architectos and Archeologos Portuguese, today called Portuguese Association of Arqueólogos (AAP). 


Important works by Possidónio da Silva