Costa, Lucio

Lucio Costa (1902 - 1998)

Costa was born in Toulon in1902. He studied at the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle and at the National Collége, in Montreux. In 1917, when he went to Brazil, he studied painting and architecture at the National School of Fine Arts and graduated in 1924. In 1930 was appointed as director of the National School of Fine Arts and introduces changes in the education system. Le Corbusier could convince him to come to Brazil to evaluate the project for the building-headquarters of the Ministry of Education, in Rio de Janeiro in 1936. In 1957 wins the national competition for the development of the Pilot Plan of Brasilia. Three years later, he received the professor "honoris causa" of the University of Harvard. Four years later. Costa died in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro in 1998.


Important works

Torre de TV, Brasilia
Headquarters building of the Ministry of Education and Public Health,
Rio de Janeiro
Museum of Sao Miguel das Missões, Rio Grande do Sul
Brazil Pavilion at the International Fair of New York
Residence Hungary Machado (current consulate Russia), Rio de Janeiro
Cottage Baron de Saavedra, Petropolis
Sao Clemente Park Hotel, Nova Friburgo
Guinle Park, Rio de Janeiro
Draft House Brazil, Paris
Head office of the Jockey Club of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Pilot plan of Brasilia, Brazilian capital