Caro, Sir Anthony

Sir Anthony Caro (1924)

Sir Anthony Caro was born in New Malden in 1924. He is a British sculptor and he studied at the Royal Academy Schools in London. In 1963 he had his first major exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery. He often works in steel which is mostly brightly painted, but also he arranges it with other materials as lead, bronze, silver, paper and wood. He awarded many prizes. For example the Praemium Imperiale for Sculpture (Tokyo 1992) or the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sculpture 1997. In 1987 he was knighted and in May 2000 he received the Order of Merit.
Sir Anthony Caro was member of the design team for the Millenium Bridge in London. It runs from Tate Modern to St Paul´s Cathedral across the Thames.

Important works by Sir Anthony Caro

Millenium Bridge London