Architect Guenther Behnisch

Guenther Behnisch (1967–1972)

Guenther Behnisch is a German architect. He was born 1922 in Dresden, Germany. Behnisch is one of the most prominent architects representing deconstructivism. In World War II Behnisch was Q boat commander and got in to prison of war. After the war he promoted at the Technical University in Stuttgart in 1951 and worked one year for the architect Gutbrot in Stuttgart.

1952 he went to freelance as architect with Bruno Lambert till he founded Behnisch Archikten which is based in Stuttgart/ Germany, Venice/ California and Boston/  Massachusetts.

Awards for Guenther Behnisch

  • 1972  architecture prize German Architecture Association
  • 1997  Order of Merit BRD
  • 1982  Member of Academy of Fine Arts Berlin
  • 1993  Hans-Molfenter-Prize
  • 2008  German Kritikerpreis


Important Works by Guenther Behnisch

  • Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany
  • Plenary Complex of the German Parliament in Bonn, Germany
  • State Clearing Bank - Landesgirokasse in Stuttgart, Germany
  • North German State Clearing Bank in Hanover, Germany
  • Genzyme Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research in Toronto, Canada

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