Architect Henrik Åberg

Henrik Åberg (1841-1922)

Henrik Åberg (1841-1922) better known as Enrique Aberg, was a Swedish architect who worked in Argentina between the year 1869 and 1887. He studied in the Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts and moved along to Argentina with his compatriot Carlos Kihlberg. In 1874 he was nominated a National Architect of the Republic Argentina, confirming his Architect's title five years later when he directed the works of construction of the Pink House (La Casa Rosada), the head office of the national executive power, which later was joined, according to a project of 1886 of the architect Francisco Tamburini, with the contiguous Post office and telegraph building.

Important works by Henrik Åberg

  • La Casa Rosada
  • The Hospital Rivadavia
  • The Chapel for José de San Martín in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires
  • The Urban Museum of La Plata
  • The Customhouse of Rosary
  • The equipment part of the Immigrants' Hotel in Retiro
  • The National Academy of Sciences in Cordova