You and Yours| a+1, jdc Fine Art, Gleneden Beach, OR, USA, November 13, 2020 – January 31, 2021

You and Yours| a+1 Exhibition
November 13, 2020 – January 31, 2021
jdc Fine Art, Gleneden Beach, OR, USA

participating artists: Justyna Badach , Brian Benfer, Paul Cava, Matt Eich, Liza Faktor, Luis González Palma, Jennifer Greenburg, Isabel Herrera, Thomas Kellner, Bear Kirkpatrick, S. Billie Mandle, Carmen Mariscal, Eric Mencher, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Tatiana Parcero, Constanza Piaggio, Tara Sellios, Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Ursula Sokolowska, Sayako Sugawara, Rashod Taylor, Jennifer Thoreson, Paul Turounet, Ian van Coller

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+1 619 9852322

 “These photographs are as sensational as the sights are worthy of being seen. Glüher, Gerhard (translation by: Cumbers, Pauline) Monumente. Arnold, Burkhard u. Danne, Rainer u. in focus Galerie am Dom, Köln u. Städtische Galerie Iserlohn, 2001, Druckhaus Locher GmbH Köln/ Iserlohn, page 8

jdc Fine Art is proud to present You and Yours, an online group exhibition organized as remedy to the disconnection of social distance and isolation of quarantine. Over 20 artists have been selected for inclusion. Neither Gallery nor Artists were limited by media or attachment to “regular practice.” Any age would feel daunted by the challenges posed by a global pandemic. You and Yourscounts our blessings and emphasizes the powerin connectivity. Contemporary life equips us to engage without exposure, even gather without physical reunion. Like the virus that threatens us, our potential connections and actions have no bounds. You and Yoursprovides an online space for virtual communion. We recognize that new ideas and perspectives offer distractionand comfort, meditation and reconsideration, butabove all—hope to all who encounter them. What unites these works is a heightenedresonancein this moment. Welcome wassurprise, yet even the most tangent thread feels like a natural proliferation, an augmentation on a collective framework for thought.You and Yourswas designed to cast a wide net and bring new artists and ideas into our circlewhile revealingthe far-reaching web of contact one individual has with society.The gallery asked a core group of represented and previously exhibited artists to contribute work and extend the invitation outward by proposing a colleague for inclusion. The +1 aspect of You and Yours not only lifts the veil on the unknown circle of contact, it also harmonizeswith the idea of viral spread. Our metaphorical circle unites members through shared emotion and philosophy.

Thank you to Jennifer DeCarlo and her team for bringing together such an amazing group of artists in this show.