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Time in two directions

Time in two directions is a group show that celebrates jdc Fine Art Gallery’s 10 year anniversary. jdc Fine Art : Contemporary Art Gallery and Fine Art Dealer was established in 2011 and remains dedicated to contemporary art with a sense of consciousness. We champion artists whose work serves a higher purpose: expanding our perspective while contemplating contemporary issues and universal questions. The Time in two directions exhibition will celebrate our past, feature recent discoveries, and foreshadow new directions of intention. The group show will include work by 17 artists, represented artists, previously exhibited artists, and new artists among them. All were included in our 2020 You and Yours (online) exhibition. Together the work of these contemporary artists address what for us are foundational subjects of concern. Through Time in two directions we harmonize voices that respect tradition but dismantle hierarchy. We seek alliance with the universal continuum. We honor the sacred, bow to the trespassed, and acknowledge the unseen. We suggest connection. This show is about continuity and renewal. As we mark a milestone of 10 years in business, jdc Fine Art rededicates to our philosophy. Time in two directions is about a moment in time and our connection to the eons. It opens the mind’s eye to the connections between artists and draws out such overarching themes as the gaze and vantage; time, action, evidence, and materiality; intimacy; intention and stewardship. This exhibition brings to the surface aspects of practice that have always been present as it pushes beyond the boundaries of “the frame.” With this gesture we act dually to acknowledge the (omnipresent) interdisciplinary practice present in the work of our artists and to make space for artwork of more than two dimensions to enter our fold.

About jdc Fine Art

Contemporary Art Gallery and Fine Art Dealer was established in 2011 (in San Diego, CA) and remains dedicated to contemporary art with a sense of consciousness. “We champion Artists whose work expands perspective and evokes palpable emotion as it addresses contemporary issues. These are the merits by which we have weighed the value of the work we present and the artists we represent,” says Jennifer DeCarlo, Gallery Director. DeCarlo has kept the Gallery plastic through the years in response to relocation-demands; DeCarlo has expanded, contracted, moved, and reinvented. Location changes have taken the art dealer and her gallery on two revolutions from Chicago, IL to San Diego, CA, and now find her on the northern end of the west coast in Gleneden Beach, OR. “Each place we have anchored has given us meaningful opportunity for new encounters and transference.” With hindsight, we recognize our most significant relationships would not exist were it not for the wind shifting the direction of our course. We remain true to the nature of currents that have brought us to this shore endurance through flexibility and growth through change. With foresight, we settle into a Pacific Northwest chapter as we scan a future that surrounds us. We keep our eyes open for ripples along the horizon less chart a hard course towards a fixed point and stay devoted to the only constant we may control: our philosophy. As we re-dedicate ourselves, we acknowledge the power of this moment with an exhibition Time in two directions.

Exhibiting Artists

September 3 – November 27, 2021
Friday September 3rd : Extended Hours to 8pm
jdc Fine Art 
7755 N. Highway 101 
Gleneden Beach, OR 97388 
Press Contact: Jennifer DeCarlo
(619) 985-2322

Exhibition Artists:
Justyna Badach, Tatiana Parcero, Brian Benfer, Constanza Piaggio, Paul Cava, Tara Sellios, Matt Eich, Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Luis González-Palma, Rashod Taylor, Jennifer Greenburg, Jennifer Thoreson, Thomas Kellner, Paul Turounet, S. Billie Mandle, Ian van Coller, Carmen Mariscal                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Time in two directions Installation

Thanks to Jennifer DeCarlo who made this exciting exhibition possible!