Summer 1969 - Westfalia in a moon fever, LWL Museum of Natural History, Munster, April 19 - June 23, 2019

A small step for [a] man, but a huge leap for humanity. Who does not know this famous quote from American astronaut Neil Armstrong. On July 21, 1969, the time had come: The first human put one foot on the moon. Decades of preparation, planning, training, and heavy setbacks paved the long and dangerous path to the moon. The men and women who first flew into space were test pilots and fighter pilots. Some of the space pioneers paid their daring with life. The spectacular event of the moon landing tracked millions of people. 28 hours lasts a special broadcast in the WDR. The people were excited. The technical achievements and successes, such as the first satellite SPUTNIK or the reaching of space by the first human, Yuri Gagarin, fascinated. This was reflected in pop culture and fueled the spirit of optimism. Even children took part in the action: space toys were high on the wish list of the boys. Families read Jules Verne's JOURNEY THE MOON or visited the observatories. A sci-fi series, Orion Spacecraft, regularly gathered adults and teens in the living room. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the LWL Museum Office for Westphalia is dedicating a cultural-historical exhibition including technology and natural sciences to around 100 square meters. It analyzes the historical-political developments up to the moon landing, gives technical-scientific insights and views into the topic and works ethnologically the reception history of the moon landing in Westphalia.

Summer 1969 - Westphalia in the moon fever
Special exhibition in the LWL Museum of Natural History, Münster
 April 19 until June 23, 2019

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 09: 00-18: 00
Organizer: LWL Museum Office and LWL Museum of Natural History
venue: LWL Museum of Natural History
Sentruper Straße 285
48161 Münster

Contact Person: LWL Museum of Natural History
0251 / 591-05
Press contact: Frank Tafertshofer
Telephone: 0251 591-235

thank you to Felix Banzhaf for including me in this touring exhibition