Schneider Gallery, Chicago, 2008

Into the dark

March 7 - April 13, 2008
Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

Opening Reception: Friday, March 7 5:00-7:30 pm

The artists Wu Qi, Ursula Sokolowska, Arion Kudász, George Ciardi, and Thomas Kellner, all use their deft photography skills to venture into the unknown boundaries of the night. The evening hours are synonymous with the fear of the unfamiliar and the mystery of veiled landscape. Each of these insightful photographers grapples with his or her own interpretation of the night and reveals these perspectives through creative and intuitive imagery. On the other hand, Kellner and Ciardi capture the nuanced beauty that bathes evening architecture, while Wu Qi and Kudász explore the more unsettling and even haunting aspect of the darkness’ solitude. In addition, Sokolowska’s work laments the solemnity of the evening in her acutely personal, childhood reflections. Each of these varied explorations invites the viewers to step into the night and meld their own notions of what lies within it.

Title:  Into the Night
Dates:  March 7- April 12, 2008
Reception- Friday, March 7, 2008
Participating Artists:  Arion Kudasz, Wu Qi, Ursula Sokolowska, George Ciardi, and Thomas Kellner!