Poetics of light in Bradford UK

Poetics of light in Bradford

Poetics of light in Bradford

Poetics of Light: Pinhole Photography
March 17 - June 25, 2017

exhibiting artists: Nilufar, Eric Renner, Shi Guorui, Marek Noniewicz, Darius Kuzmickas, Peter Goldberg, Liz Swarr, Erik Gould, Chris Faust, Marja Pirilä, Claudia Wornum, Edward Levinson, Michael Mideke, Michael Korol, Renee O’Brien, David Lebe, David Lebe, William Erickson, Jeff Guess, Delio Ansovini, Gottfried Jaeger, Thomas Bachler, Dianne Bos, W. Russell Young, Peter Olpe, Harry Littell, Sarah Van Keuren, Diana Hooper Bloomfield, Jeff Fletcher, Katarzyna Majak, Julie Schachter, Bethany de Forest, Cody S. Brothers, Valerie Burke, Robert Oehl, Victoria Cooper, Larry Bullis, Edward Levinson, Marianne Engberg, Gregg Kemp, Jaroslaw Klup, Ugo Marinelli, Jaroslaw Klup, Ilan Wolff, Kenneth A. Connors, Patricia Carew, Kathleen Velo, Willie Anne Wright, Andrew Semel, David Plakke, Michael O'Neill, Sam Wang, Taru Blomstedt, Alyson Belcher, Laura Carton, Mark Dungan, Jim Cherry, Leah Stubbs, Jay Bender, Thomas Mezzanotte, Pamela Ellerbrock, David Plakke, Todd McKinney-Cull, Thomas Bachler, Walter Crump, Yasu Suzuka, Willie Anne Wright, Katarzyna Majak, Willie Anne Wright, Marco Mandrici, Gregory Anthon, Donna Fay Allen, Robert Mann, Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler , Linda Pearson, Joakim Eneroth, Chris Andrews, Clarissa Carnell, John Barton, Jan Kapoor, Melanie Rush Davis, Warren Padula, Gregg Kemp, Bernadette Humphrey, George Peer, Alain Brusco, Ian Paterson, Penny Harris, Thomas Dobiszewski, Paolo Gioli, Dona Ann McAdams, Film by Paolo Gioli , Allison Carey, Jorge Monacó, Jorge Monacó, Dallas Sells, W. Russell Young, Thomas Kellner, Georgia Krawiec, Linda Hackett, Georgia Krawiec, Fabrice Caillarec, Eric Renner, Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart , Dr. Jon Van Sant, John William (Lord Rayleigh) Strutt, George Davison, Flinders Petrie, Jo Babcock, Walter Crump, Peggy Jones, Laura Gilpin, Nissa Kubly, Pierre Charrier, Denis Bernard, Jochen Dietrich, Thomas Dobiszewski, Nancy Spencer, Suzanne Sbarge, Bobbe Besold, Jackie Mathey, Craig B. Barber, Walter Crump, Steven Williams, Thomas Kellner, David K. Brunn, Mieko Tadokoro, Clarissa Carnell, Larry Bullis, Marcus Kaiser, Thomas Bachler, Jane Alden Stevens, Harlan Wallach, James Huff, Carlos Jurado, Wiley Sanderson, Jenny Robinson, Dianne Bos, Richard et al. Blake, Julian Mack, Scott McMahon, Elaine McKay, Jerry Doty, Michael Mideke, Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, Jean-Marc Dugas, Martha Casanave, Chris Dreier, Tom Miller, John Ashburne, Jo Babcock, Rebecca Sexton Larson, Mabel Odessey, Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer / Spencer , Marnie Cardozo, Steve Eckel, Marnie Cardozo, Jonathan Kline, Gregg Kemp, Timo Kahlen, Dominique Stroobant, Brenda Kay Ladd, Tom Baril, Jurgen Königs, Adam Fuss, Jurgen Königs, Jesseca Ferguson, Eva Sköld Westerlind, Willie Anne Wright, Dale Quarterman, Douglas Frank, Willie Anne Wright, Ben Conrad, Jackie Mathey , Jackie Mathey, Bill Wittliff, George Peer, Massimo Stefanutti, Robert Willis, Jim Haberman, Pinky Bass, Donald Lawrence, Michael Mideke, Volkmar Herre, Darius Kuzmickas, Sarah Van Keuren, Nancy Spencer, Doug Spowart, Joan Lyons.        

The National Science and Media Museum    
Bradford BD1 1NQ    UK    

Poetics of light in Bradford

“Kellner’s technique is similar to Cortázar’s gíglico in that many —though not all— of the pieces in his composites are semantically opaque.” Fernando Castro R., Mexiko. Kontakte einer unendlichen Stadt. Kellner, Thomas & Fernando Castro R., 2011, Seltmann+Söhne, Lüdenscheid/ Berlin page 55

Poetics of light in Bradford

Poetics of Light reveals enchanting imagery captured using photography’s most primitive technique: the pinhole camera.


Dating back to the 1880s, the simple and ingenious process of pinhole photography involves exposure of a piece of film using light filtered through a small hole in a light-proof box. The result: a genuinely individual image.

In Poetics of Light, more than 200 photographs and 40 cameras are brought together to tell the story of contemporary pinhole photography. The exhibition explores a variety of themes, including politics and science as well as styles such as panoramic and figurative, and is truly global in scope. Images range from refugee camps in the Sahara, to 100th anniversary celebrations for Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, and examples of still lifes from Japan.

The exhibition is drawn from the Pinhole Resource Collection, a body of work amassed by co-curators Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer in San Lorenzo, New Mexico. Poetics of Light was originally created for a two-year residence at the New Mexico History Museum, in conjunction with its curator of photography, Daniel Kosharek.

Displayed outside the USA for the first time, the collection offers an alternate vision of reality, producing a unique visual poetry.

Poetics of light in Bradford. Exhibition catalog

Renner, E. and Spencer, N., 2014. Poetics of Light, Contemporary Pinhole Photography. New Mexico: NM Museum of History   >>>

Thank you

Thank you to Daniel Kosharek for turing this show and to the National Science and Media museum for hosting our show and works in England.

Grenzpanorama at Poetics of light in Bradford