Constructions and Buildings at PhotoKunstraum Hamburg


Buildings photographic postcards
April 12 - May 3 2014
Photokunstraum Carmen Oberst Hamburg, Germany

The Hamburg photo artist Carmen Oberst has been planning and organizing the International Photo Unique Postcard Action - abbreviated IFUPA - since 1995.
The best results are shown the following year in the exhibition "photographic postcards" at PHOTO.KUNST.RAUM.
This originally pure postcard campaign has developed into a global creative project in recent years. This has resulted in numerous exhibitions in other locations and diverse collaborations.
The collective theme is intended to visually develop a variety of views and contributions, which can take place completely independently, but meetings are also organized in order to maintain a stimulating, lively exchange of ideas.
The now traditional SORTIERPERFORMANCE takes place on the last Sunday in January. This is where the participants meet and sort the
the unique postcards to the respective picture author. In the following months, exhibitions are held under various aspects.

So far, 12 catalogs have been published thanks to the cooperation and co-financing of all participants.

Opening hours:   Thu - Fri 16.00 - 19.00 Sat 14.00 - 18.00 and by appointment
Contact person: Carmen Oberst

particpating artists:

Gabriele Adey,Susanne Bürger,Lore Brüntrup,Lore Biricz, Horst Brockmann, Cosimo Domenico Carluccio,Heidi Czipin, Andrea Cziesso, Eveline Drexelius,Thorsten Dittrich, Ernst Egener, Katrin Evers,Heidy Giesbrecht,Barbara Guthmann, Oliver Grafeneder, Thomas kellner, Hanna Kerkow-Richter,Uli Horaczek, Bernhard Kittel, Gerhard Pelzer,Heiko Rippen,Brigitte Rebec, Klaus Schlabbach, Tatiana Stroganova, Josh Sen,Gerda Warning-Rippen, Annemarie Wäge, Monika Vollmer -Christian Zuther.


Constructions in postcards