Nature – Photographs with a pinhole Camera, Haus der Fotografie im FotoQuartier, Vienna, Austria, April 29 - May 15, 2019

Natur – Fotografien mit der Lochkamera
April 29 - May 15, 2019
Haus der Fotografie im FotoQuartier, Vienna, Austria

at FotoQuartier Wien, ehem. Schlössl-Kino
Margaretenstraße 127
1050 Vienna
opening hours: Mo-We 4-6pm

exhibiting artists: 0640AM, Andrei Chasovskikh, Andrej Kasik, Betty Blitz, Christian Azzouni, Claudia La, Eszter Kondor, Hania Kartusch, Julian Jankovic, Lorenza Cancian, Lothar Ponhold, Mariana Perrone, Markus Hippmann, Natalia Mun, Paul Delpani und Thomas Kellner

A photo goes through the bottleneck

A photo is easier through a bottleneck than a camel. This proves the pinhole or pinhole photography, because it is photographed through a pinhole. How many interesting photographs have been taken through such a pinhole can be seen in the Pinhole photo exhibition "Nature".

But what makes the attraction for photographers to deal with this original and simple form of photography? If it is the simplicity of the artistic means used in the sense of an "arte povera", it is the "painterly" effect of the photographic "impressions" provided by photographing with the pinhole camera, or attracting more and more photographers to the schematism and art of hinting to use pinhole photography as an artistic means of expression?

Gather impressions, and get a picture of the pictures that went through the eye of a needle.

thank you to Markus Hippmann for selecting my work for this exhibition in Vienna