Kunstwechsel, Herrengarten Siegen, December 6–8, 2019

Kunstwechsel 2019
December 6–8, 2019
Herrengarten, Siegen, Germany

participating artists: Kathrin Blanke, Sabrina Barbara Diehl, Marvi Diek, Mirjam Elburn, Edwin Emmens, FBC Kollektiv, Simone Fröhler, Kai Gieseler, Eva Hammoudo, Henner VDM, Thomas Kellner, Astrid Kemper, Aylin Kindermann, Mandy Knospe, Dago Koblenzer, Nina Koch, Nicole Kötter, Silke Krah, Felix Neuhaus, Bodo Nolte, René Quadflieg, rosa&lü, Jakob Rullhusen, Annette Rusteberg, Jule Sammartino, Martin Schäpers, Helga Schneider, Martin Steiner, Michael Wagener, Eva Weinert, Oliver Weingarten, Johanna Winkelgrund.

Kunstwechsel 2019
Herrengarten 2–10
57072 Siegen

opening hours:
Friday 8–12 pm
Saturday 2–7 pm
Sunday 2–7pm


“Although it is an aesthetic that certainly diverges from the documentary tradition to which it alludes, it does not negate it altogether.”Fernando Castro R Mexiko. Kontakte einer unendlichen Stadt. Kellner, Thomas & Fernando Castro R., 2011, Seltmann+Söhne Lüdenscheid/ Berlin page 49

From December 6–8 2019 the Kunstwechsel 2019 will take place in different rooms of Herrengarten. Again very central, in the middle of the city, 32 artists will transform a former boutique, a former hair salon and various offices with art, sculptures, paintings, installations, projections and more into a temporary gallery.
Also, the fablab Siegen will open its gates for curious people this weekend.

thank you to Jule Sammartino, Thomas Greiner and the whole team of 3/55 for organizing thiss local artfair.